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Yacht Brokerage Services

Yacht Pact is, first and foremost, a luxury yacht marketplace. We thrive on having the network and community in place to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our team will uncover the best-fit vessels for your needs, including:

  • Initial Consultation: We will take the time to understand your goals with any yacht to ensure a rewarding experience with our team.
  • Valuation and Matching: Our experienced brokers and scouts will explore what is available on the current market so you have the best selection available.
  • Negotiation and Agreement: We work hard to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with complete transparency for your peace of mind.
  • Transaction Completion: We will oversee the exchange of any documentation, crew assignments, charter notes, or other details for your convenience.

Being a boutique yacht brokerage allows us the freedom to work with clients from all over the globe – boosting your opportunity for a luxurious result. Contact our team to get started.


Featured Yachts

Explore the world’s most exclusive ports inside your personal mega yacht. Our boating brokerage lists facilitate all the amenities you could desire, ensuring you have a home on the water with all the toys, gadgets, and comfort you could want.

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Yacht Pact is a team of long-time enthusiasts and collectors coming together to streamline the luxury yacht marketplace. We do the hard work of locating and verifying the highly sought-after vessels you desire and then negotiating for the best yacht boat trading resolution on your behalf. This includes a broad set of services from arranging delivery to inspections.

Whether you are hoping to gift your family a luxurious summer voyage or looking for a new floating home base, our executive yacht sales team at Yacht Pact is here to help. We will connect you with premium quality vessels and luxury business yachts that fulfill your desires as well as concierge-level services to make the entire yacht acquisition or boat deal facilitation process as smooth as possible.


How Yacht Pact Works

Everything at Yacht Pact begins and ends with your specific yacht boat trading needs. We cater all our concierge-level services to fulfill your purchase arrangements, sales goals, and operational requirements. Through a personalized approach to managing all aspects of your transition, you can rest easy. You’ll receive the utmost respect, privacy, and efficiency. This may include:

  • Transaction Assistance: Running through all aspects of your transaction so everything is carefully analyzed to ensure you have all requirements met and receive a quality deal.
  • Amenity Research: The world of yachting requires special attention to specific models, amenities, and features that our team is happy to locate on your behalf.
  • Vessel Verification: We are happy to send out inspectors for luxury motor yachts, superyachts, mega yachts, and other high-end vessels known for their opulence and extravagance.
  • Post-Purchase Support: In addition to being a marketplace, we also provide concierge-level services accommodating everything from documentation to crew assembly.
  • Negotiations: Our most valuable talent is the experienced skill of our negotiation brokers. This allows you to get the financial deal you want without sacrificing the luxurious amenities you have always dreamed of enjoying.

Discover the Yacht Perfect for You

As a premier white glove brokerage, we focus only on the opulent and luxurious vessels that are the envy of the world. These high-quality yachts make the news and transport some of the most influential people in business, celebrities, and the public eye. You get the yacht you want through our premium online yacht broker services, and we continue our reputation for excellence as an international boat broker. Explore our listings today and find the best-fit vessel for your next journey.
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What Our Clients Say

While discretion is paramount in our business, we do, from time to time, list reviews of our wonderful clients in Canada, USA, and Asia. These allow you to understand better how we work and what makes Yacht Pact stand out from the VIP yacht broker competition.
As a discerning client in the luxury yacht market, I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Yacht Pact. From the moment I engaged their services, I knew I was in capable hands. What truly sets Yacht Pact apart, however, is their exceptional attention to detail and commitment to personalized service.
Someone deeply entrenched in the world of luxury yachting, I can confidently say that Yachtpact.com stands head and shoulders above the competition. From their expertly curated listings to their seamless user experience, every aspect of their online presence exudes excellence.